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State Rep. John Cavaletto, a member of the Illinois Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus in the Illinois General Assembly, presented a check for $200 to Gerald Lively of Odin on behalf of the Forbes Lake Limbhangers.

These funds will go to support the 18th Annual Forbes Lake Limbhangers Jakes Day. Forbes Lake is located north of Omega on the east side of Marion County. Jakes Day is an annual program for kids 2 to 17 to participate in various outdoor activities, including archery, BB Gun and shotgun shooting, primitive fire starting and safety demonstrations.

“I’m happy the Sportsmen’s Caucus is able to support a program like Jakes Day that teaches children safety and encourages them to be outdoors and active for a healthier lifestyle,” said Rep. John Cavaletto.
State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem), announced today that he returned back to the state another $11,528.38 in his state office allotment for Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17). Cavaletto has returned money back every year he has been in the Illinois House of Representatives, and with this year’s amount the total is estimated at $140,781.88. That is an average of more than $15,500 annual savings for the taxpayers of Illinois.

“Some may say that’s not much considering the state owes more than $15 billion in back bills, but if all 177 legislators in the General Assembly were to return the same average amount of $15,500 each year, then over $2.7 million could be saved every year,” commented Rep. Cavaletto. “My district staff and I have been able to run our office and programs efficiently with the use of technology like e-mail communications to save on postage and conserving use on office supplies,” Cavaletto added.

Residents are able to stay connected to legislative activities at, at Rep. Cavaletto’s web site (, and on Facebook. For more information, contact Rep. Cavaletto at 618-548-9080 or at his on-line office at
SALEM… State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem), opposed House Bill 40 and made the following statement this afternoon:

“My faith and moral compass tell me that life begins at conception and that every life is precious. I worked with special needs children since I was in school at summer camps to help give them a more fulfilling life. Those camps and programs were used to help develop what has become known as the Special Olympics. Also, I have worked to help keep open the Murray Developmental Center that serves people who need constant care because they too are valuable human beings.

I’m disappointed with the actions of the governor today to expand spending public dollars on a procedure that I oppose and is opposed by the majority of people in my district. I will work with other conservatives to draft legislation and reverse this new law.”
Equifax, an Atlanta based credit-rating agency, suffered a security breach on July 29th that exposed sensitive information of millions of Americans. Such information included social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, birthdays, and addresses. It has been determined that 5.4 million Illinois residents have been affected by the breach.

The company has set up a website where you can check if your personal information was affected by the breach:

Attorney General Lisa Madigan has opened an investigation into the recent security breach, and called on Equifax to provide free credit freezes to all Illinois residents in the wake of the breach. She urges Illinois residents to take the Equifax breach seriously and take steps to protect themselves from the possibility of identity theft:

· Seriously consider placing a credit freeze on your credit reports with all 3 consumer reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax;

· Regularly request your free credit reports, inspect them closely, and promptly dispute any unauthorized accounts;

· Inspect all financial account statements closely and promptly dispute any unauthorized charges;

· Consider placing alerts on your financial accounts so your financial institution alerts you when money above a pre-designated amount is withdrawn;

· Beware of potential phishing emails; don't open any email messages or attachments from unknown senders and do not click on any unknown links. Fraudsters will frequently send coercive and misleading emails threatening account suspension or worse if sensitive information is not provided. Remember, businesses will never ask customers to verify account information via email. If in doubt, contact the business in question directly for verification and to report phishing emails; and

· Be on the lookout for spoofed email addresses. Spoofed email addresses are those that make minor changes in the domain name, frequently changing the letter O to the number zero, or the lowercase letter l to the number one. Scrutinize all incoming email addresses to ensure that the sender is truly legitimate.

With questions on the data breach, you can contact Equifax at 866-447-7559, or the Illinois Attorney General’s Identity Theft Hotline at 1 (866) 999-5630.
Photo of Rep. Cavaletto courtesy of Bruce Kropp at WJBD Radio.

Names of All Emergency Responders Killed at World Trade Center Are Read and Their Steps Traced
The Salem Fire Protection District remembered those who lost their lives in 9-11 with a program in Bryan Memorial Park over the weekend.
Salem Fire Lieutenant Greg Miller says it is important the memory of the 9-11 attacks be kept alive.
"On September 11, 2001 eight EMTs, 60 police officers, 343 fire fighters lost their lives responding to help others. Since that day another 653 have died from 911 related illnesses. We are gathered here today to mourn their loss and to celebrate their dedication and devotion to people they have never met and would have never met," said Miller. "Memorial events like this one are vital if we are going to keep the events of 911 from just being another page in a history book."
State Representative John Cavaletto told emergency responders they have strong representation at the State Capitol in Springfield.
"You have done great work, and I want to thank all of you for what you do. We can't forget the people that have past and gone on because of fighting the fires, the policemen and the firemen," said Cavaletto. "Let's take a moment of silence for them."
Read the full story on the WJBD radio web page by clicking here.
CHICAGO (Aug. 31, 2017) – Flanked by school children and legislative leaders, Gov. Bruce Rauner today signed historic school funding legislation that puts children first and makes lasting changes that will help generations of children to come.

“The passing of this historic legislation was no easy feat, but it’s a reminder of the good things we can accomplish when we put politics aside and focus on what’s important: our children and our future,” Gov. Rauner said. “I am proud to sign this bill, which will bring more money to school districts based on the needs of the children, guaranteeing that all Illinois students have access to adequate education funding.”

This compromise also provides much-needed mandate relief for school districts and presents avenues for property tax relief to homeowners.

“I’ve said for the past two-and-a-half years that we can make progress on the major issues facing our state as long as both sides respect the priorities of the other, and that’s precisely what happened,” said House Republican Leader Jim Durkin (R-Western Springs). “This compromise ensures that all Illinois children will have access to an education that is funded fairly and equitably. It also provides flexibility to school districts and relief to homeowners through lower property taxes and expands opportunities for school choice for children from low-income families. My hope is that, moving forward, this will serve as an example of what can happen when we put partisan bickering aside and negotiate in good faith to get things done for the families of Illinois.”
 On Monday State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem), a member of the Appropriations-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee, during the Special Session of the Legislature, supported the final compromise legislation to change the school funding formula in Illinois.

“No School district will receive less than they were allocated last year and this historic change, for me, was about the students and the parents,” said Rep. Cavaletto, a 38-year retired educator. “I promised all along that I would fight for whatever proposal brought the most money to my area without a bailout to Chicago Public Schools pensions.”

Senate Bill 1947 changes the way education dollars are allocated based upon a new ‘evidence-based funding formula model with a minimum funding level (MFL) of $350 million per year. Starting in Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) $50 million will be used for a property tax swap to high-taxed low-wealth school districts so they can reduce their local property tax burden.

There is Mandate relief in this legislation. It replaces Physical Education (PE) requirements to a minimum of three days per week, allows for exceptions for students who participate in athletics and expands to 7th – 12th graders instead of just 11th & 12th. Under this new law, a school district may hold a public hearing on a PE waiver request at a regularly-scheduled board meeting instead of at a separate meeting. Also, a school district may contract with a third-party offering driver’s education without submitting a mandate waiver request. This is a common practice in many states across the country.

With this legislation comes the creation of a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Reform Task Force to study the benefits and costs of TIF districts; the interaction of TIF law and school funding; the expenditure of TIF funds; and the expenditure of TIF surplus funds. The Task Force shall submit its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly by April 1, 2018.

“This legislation is not perfect, but it is a step in the right direct for fairness in funding for all 842 school districts and it keeps the schools open for our children to get the education they need to be successful in their lives,” added Cavaletto.